DRBGuestbook Version 1.1.27 released

Version 1.1.27 of DRBGuestbook, our free PHP guestbook script, has been released. This version includes ease-of-use enhancements to the Administration Panel, a default bad word list, and other minor fixes and adjustments.

3 Responses to “DRBGuestbook Version 1.1.27 released”

  1. Ezra Says:


    I just installed your script, tweaked the css and it works and looks great! I had to replace my previous guestbook, because your script has the ability to validate a message before it’s visible.

    I’m only missing one feature my previous guestbook had: I would like to be able to comment on a message, so that my comment appears directly below the message I’m replying to. Is it possible for you to add a “comment” feature? Maybe an extra action in the admin-panel next to “Delete” and “Delete and Ban IP Adres”?

    That would make your script perfect. Thanks for your reply.


  2. DMC Says:

    How can I buy the license ?

  3. dbarnes Says:

    Please see this page: https://www.dbscripts.net/removelink/