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Purchase a Credit Link Removal License

The PHP scripts on this site are free to use, as long as the credit link is not removed, hidden, or altered. However, in response to popular demand, I am offering the option to purchase a license that permits you to legally remove the credit link.

This option is provided for those who still want to use my scripts, but for whatever reason do not want to display the credit link at the bottom of each page. This license costs $20, and is valid for one instance of one of my scripts on a single website. Multiple websites will require a separate license for each website.

After you have purchased a license, you will need to manually edit the PHP script yourself in order to remove the credit link. This will involve simply adding a variable to your config.php file, and/or commenting out a single line from one or more of the template files. You should only purchase this license if you are capable of performing this task by yourself.

Purchasing this license only allows you to remove the credit link from the page, and does not provide you with any other privileges or benefits. The scripts are still provided "as is", and the author is not liable for anything that results from your use of these scripts.

The accepted method of payment is PayPal. Please specify which script you are purchasing the license for, the URL of the website where the script will be installed, and your e-mail address. After clicking "Buy Now", you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete the transaction.

The fee for the Credit Link Removal License is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Credit Link Removal License

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