DRBGuestbook Version 1.1.25 released

Version 1.1.25 of DRBGuestbook, our free PHP guestbook script, has been released. This version includes a new anti-spam time delay test. Also, e-mail addresses and URLs are now checked against the bad words filter.

3 Responses to “DRBGuestbook Version 1.1.25 released”

  1. homershines Says:

    I’d like to use the guestbook script as a petition.
    Is it possible to change fields and add new fields?



  2. Geoff Says:

    I found very nice Guest book scripts and I use this on my website. I have a lot of spam messages. Is it possible to have a feature to valide every message before publication ?
    1. the visitor leaves a message.
    2. the visitor receives a pop up with “Thank you for your message. This will be published after reading”.
    3. The guest book sends an email to admin
    4. Admin validates or deletes the message from the admin console

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  3. dbarnes Says:

    The latest version of DRBGuestbook includes the ability to moderate posts before they are displayed. Check it out!