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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am receiving an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when attempting to browse to the folder where the script is installed.

This error may mean that your server does not allow .htaccess overrides. Try renaming the .htaccess files that are included with this script to something else. They are located in the root folder, and the "template" folder.

If that does not resolve the issue, check the Apache error log; it may contain a more specific error message that will help identify the issue.

2. I am receiving an error such as "Error creating thumbnail" when attempting to upload or import images.

It is possible that GD lib is either not installed or not enabled. The following link describes how to enable GD lib.

How do I get GD to work with PHP

Also, confirm that the "thumbs" folder has write permissions enabled.

3. When doing a search and selecting one or more of the attributes, I get an error such as "You have an error in your SQL syntax."

Currently, DRBImageGallery requires MySQL version 4.1 or higher. It appears that you are using an older version that does not support some of the required syntax. Please check your MySQL version, and upgrade if possible.

4. I am attempting to use non-ASCII (i.e. non-English) characters in the configuration or template files, but they do not show up correctly in the web browser.

In order to use non-ASCII characters, you must configure your text editor to save the file using UTF-8 encoding. It is also recommended that you save it without a BOM (byte-order mark), since some configurations of PHP do not handle the BOM properly. Notepad++ is an example of a text editor that has this capability.